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As a Medical Doctor, your Online Reputation is very important!

More than 50% of patients google before seeing a doctor. If you have been sanctioned by the Board, it will look bad. 

Appointments: (786) 924-6579

Have you GOOGLED yourself? If you don't like what you see...

Improve your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management for medical doctors

Physician Defense Group, LLC (PRG), based in Miami Beach, Florida, is an Online Reputation Management (ORM) company specifically for medical doctors. PRG helps physicians look their best online.

While one cannot simply delete most such adverse information, it can become much less relevant once the positive aspects of a doctor’s practice are appropriately displayed. To this end, PDG has developed a proprietary system for Online Reputation Management. PDG was founded by Internet Marketing Specialists and Law Practice Managers who have first-hand experience with the challenges of the practice of medicine, and the negative effects of the internet on reputation and business development. 

Experienced Professionals

Online reputation for physicians.

Your on-line reputation tremendously impacts how you are perceived by patients, your colleagues, and the community. It can drastically alter your personal and professional destiny. 

However, regrettably, your reputation on-line will always precede you.

No matter what the actual facts of the case, whether sanctions are deserved or proportionate, the end result of a Disciplinary Sanction carries tremendous consequences to the Physician Practitioner, not to mention economic losses.

A Personal Approach

internet reputation for medical doctors

We specialize in Customized Reputation Defense & Repair which can radically alter the trajectory of a Physician’s career after Sanction.

We are composed of lifelong Medical Defense Attorneys and Media Experts that are uniquely qualified to handle your case and resurrect your professional reputation on-line.

How We Help

internet reputation for physicians

There is never a second chance to make a good first impression

We will ensure that your credentials and achievements appear on Page 1 of Google.  Call to find out how our specialized, individually crafted, tailored and proprietary Physician Reputation Repair Program shall more than outweigh any expense made in such defense. Let us show you how we can rebuild your reputation and avoid personal, professional and economic damage.

Internet reputation management for medical doctor after sanction or discipline

An investment into your medical practice

If potential patients see negative information about you at the top of the first page or Google (or elsewhere on the internet), they simply find another doctor. Don't let that happen, we can help with Online Reputation Management (ORM), individualized for your specific case and medical practice.


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